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Konstantina Katsouli is the founder of the “Greek version” of the famous NLP (Neuro-Linguistic

Program), NLP and Longevity.


NLP and Longevity consists of 3 pillars, our mind, our body and our soul, the coordination of which

constitutes a prerequisite for achieving our goals, for our well-being and for accomplishing the state

of Zen.


Zen is the key to longevity, but so difficult to reach and maintain it.


Our Program uses the benefits derived from the discourses and the teachings of ancient Greek philosophy,

and more specifically, the Greek Stoic philosopher Epictetus, who established significant principles regarding the “art of living” (η τέχνη του ζην). That in combination with the famously know Mediterranean nutrition contribute to longevity and ensure a long, health life.


Our philosophy shows in the most effective and proven way how we can achieve the balance between our mind, our body and our soul so that we can align with our inner self. By doing that, not only we enhance our lives, but also, we accomplish our goals and we learn how to enjoy every moment of the most beautiful gift that has been granted to us, life. 


Longevity is the flipside of the same coin, life. Yet we do nothing to maintain a good quality in our lives. Quite the opposite we subconsciously sabotage our odds to live a long and healthy life.


We are here to help you experience the tremendous effects of a balanced nutrition, the valuable teachings of Epictetus and NLP tested practices and strategies. Are you ready or like ancient Greeks said “έσο έτοιμος”!

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